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Our mission is to provide entrepreneur assistance to startup founders and small business owners in finding business resources, executive mentoring, and business networking.
Business Questions

Submit startup questions via email, and expert opinion responses will be provided within 48 hours.

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Customer Payments

Paypal payment process for services, products, and payments not specifically itemized elsewhere.

Executive Mentoring

Your personal coach and mentor, a former startup executive, at your beck and call.

$1000.00 Retainer
Custom Agreement

Startup Professionals Experience Startup Professional Services

Startup Professionals Consulting

One-Hour Conference Call - $150

Schedule a personal discussion with an experienced Startup Professional on any aspect of the startup:

• How to incorporate a business
• Write an investment-grade business plan
• How to create a financial model of the business
• How to protect or patent the concept
• How to traverse the minefields of funding alternatives.

Follow-on discussions will also be at $150/hour. Conference calls with multiple advisors can be arranged.

Advisory Board Service - $1000/Month

Your personal coach and mentor, a former startup executive, at your beck and call, during that critical growth period when management style and focus are the key to success.

Contact will be arranged to your requirements, but normal minimums are one hour per week, telephone conference, supplemented with email and phone support as required.

Market Analysis Service - $1000

If you are planning to start a business you will need to know as much as possible about the market as you write your business plan. We will do a professional search to find the answers to questions like these:

• Who is my customer?
• What is the projected market opportunity?
• Is this market growing or declining?
• Who would be my competitors?
• What marketing strategies are being used today?
• Are there any other factors which will affect success, such as impending legislation?

Full Business Plan Review and Critique - $1000

All comments and additions written in context plus a discussion to review the reasoning behind each suggestion. (35 page size limit at this price, proportionally more for larger plans).

Anyone can write a business plan, but we will improve the plan's strategies and tactics and add the business expertise of an experienced professional to refine and improve your business model further. Every startup is a work-in-progress, we will help you jump forward and save 1-2 years of hard learning from wisdom gathered over many years experience in business.